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Our latest 2023 Primeurs releases

  • Fri, May 31, 2024 at 10:00
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Wine lovers and collectors alike look forward to discovering new vintages from the most prestigious estates. Futures offer a unique opportunity to reserve exceptional bottles before they are bottled, often at bargain prices. They are also a unique opportunity to follow the evolution of a wine from its beginnings in the cellar to its apogee.

Château Faugères 2023

Château Faugères, owned by Silvio Denz since 2005, is located on the sunny slopes of the Dordogne valley, to the east of Saint-Emilion. It was promoted to the rank of Grand Cru Classé in 2012 when the Saint-Emilion Classification was revised. At the top of the vineyard sits an emblematic cathedral cellar designed by Mario Botta. Known as the Cathedral of Wine, it houses a tasting room, a terrace with panoramic views over the vines, a barrel cellar and a vat room.

« Very woody and intense ripe fruits. The calcerous soils are present on the finish. great mid-palate. It's a thick wine, very intense. High alcohol.»


Château Pape Clément - Blanc 2023

Château Pape Clément, located in Pessac, is one of the oldest Grands Crus in Bordeaux. In 1305, Clément V, elected under Philippe Le Bel, became the owner of the estate to which he gave his name. Today, the Château is one of 14 Bordeaux estates owned by Bernard Magrez. Driven by a genuine passion for the vines, and thanks to a great deal of hard work, he has succeeded in making Château Pape Clément a benchmark among the great wines of Bordeaux.  What makes Château Pape Clément such an outstanding wine is above all its exceptional terroir. The vines are planted on the oldest of the alluvial terraces, known as the ‘Pyrenean gravel layer’.

« Far fresher than past vintages; the house style is really coming along for one of freshness, away from the "Parker" style of late. Great bright ripe berry fruits, this will be enjoyable over the next five to fifteen years.»


Château Grand Corbin-Despagne 2023

Pioneers of Saint-Emilion, the Despagne family has stood the test of time and left its mark on the history of the vineyard. Owners for over 2 centuries, they have shared the same values for seven generations: love of the vineyard and respect for tradition. In 2012, the family celebrated 200 years on the Grand Corbin terroir. François Despagne decided to carry out a study of the soil pits in order to understand the secrets of his terroir. 53 plots were thus discovered, enabling perfect parcel management according to grape variety, rootstock, vine age and terroir.

« There is always a lot of depth in the wines from Château Lascombes, with a richness that doesn't overpower. »


Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 2023

The 45 hectares that make up Domaine de Chevalier are located in Léognan, the capital of the Graves region. The origins of the estate go back a very long way, since it was called ‘Chivaley’ in 1783, which means ‘Chevalier’ in Gascon. Today, the Bernard family owns the estate and carries on the traditions while striving for perfection in this excellent wine. Domaine de Chevalier blanc is recognised as one of the finest dry white wines in the world.

« Stunning this year, much more refined than its neighbours. It has a fine mineral line throughout the palate and the finish offers a touch of riper fruits. »


Château Péby Faugères 2023

Château Péby Faugères is a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru located in the south-east of the appellation. Silvio Denz became the owner of the vineyard in 2005. When he bought Château Péby Faugères, he decided to take the wines to the highest level by stepping up efforts to improve quality and by encouraging the expression of the great terroirs of Péby Faugères. In 2011, the vineyard became a fully-fledged growth (9.45 hectares organically grown), and in 2012 it was awarded the famous Saint-Emilion classification as a Grand Cru Classé. 


« Michel Rolland still consultant on this. Huge, ballsy red fruits on this. Very punchy 100% merlot. Intense and concentrated to a level that is ultimate garagiste style. It's a style. »


Château d’Issan 2023

Château d’Issan is a Third Growth in the Margaux appellation.  Today, the Cruse family has owned the estate since 1945. Businessman Jacky Lorenzetti has been co-owner since 2013. The vines are cultivated according to biodynamic principles, in order to respect as much as possible the exceptional gravel terroir from which the Château benefits. Major human and technical investments have been made, enabling Château d'Issan to stand alongside the greatest Margaux wines, with authentic wines combining finesse and tannins, persistence and delicacy. 

« Beautiful colour here, the nose has great berry fruits. Palate is concentrated and elegant. It did not get overheated in the August heatwaves and has a style this year I find really appealing. »


Château Rocheyron 2023

The history of Château Rocheyron dates back to the early 16th century, when a family bearing the same name lived in the hamlet of Rocheyron. The family remained there for several centuries. The name is first mentioned in 1565. Château Rocheyron has been run by Silvio Denz and Danish oenologist Peter Sisseck since 2010.  The vineyard is located on the Saint-Christophe-des-Bardes plateau, a terroir renowned for producing great wines. For the 2011 vintage, they renovated the winery and quickly introduced organic viticulture. 2020 is the first vintage to be certified organic. 


« From the Denz family of wines but Rocheyron is a completely different take. Peter Sisseck is the advisor on these wine and they are quite stylised. Certainly one of my favourite Saint-Emilions. »


Château Beauregard 2023

The history of the Château Beauregard vineyard dates back to the 12th century, when the Knights of Malta owned a small manor house as a stopover on the route to Santiago de Compostela. The Beauregard family built the Château and bequeathed their name to it. Today, it occupies a privileged position on the south side of the famous Catusseau plateau in Pomerol, on gravel-clay soils. The arrival of Vincent Priou as director has enabled the vineyard to be completely restructured. The current vineyard is now made up of 70% Merlot and 30% Cabernet franc, which brings a great deal of freshness to the wine.


« Coming from the plateau of Pomerol, Château Beauregard impresses with its structured yet accessible profile. »


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