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Château Pape Clément

  • Bordeaux


Château Pape Clément, located in Pessac, is one of the oldest Grands Crus of Bordeaux. In 1305, Clement V, elected under Philippe Le Bel, became the owner of the estate, to which he gave his name. Today, the Château is part of the 14 Bordeaux properties belonging to Bernard Magrez. Inhabited by a real passion for the vine and thanks to considerable work, he has managed to make Château Pape Clément a point of reference among the Great Wines of Bordeaux. What makes the Château Pape Clément an extremely high-quality wine is, above all, its exceptional terroir. The vineyard is planted on the oldest of the alluvial terraces, called "nappe des graves pyrénéennes" (layer of Pyrenean gravel). In order to protect this terroir and to get the very best out if, the owners have opted for a combination of tradition and modernity. The combination of the ancestral (animal traction, vinification in terracotta) and innovative practices (the use of drones, auto-steering tractors and eco-confined spraying) achieves an exceptional wine while respecting the environment. Château Pape Clément is part of the very small circle of the Châteaux certified "Haute Valeur Environnementale" (high environmental value). This HVE3 certification is the highest environmental distinction.  Château Pape Clément produces a red wine, Grand Cru Classé de Graves, as well as a dry white wine. The Château's Second wine is called Le Clémentin, which is available in red or white. Both of these wines offer great finesse with a wide and elegant aromatic palette.

Grape varieties

  • Sauvignon Blanc 7%

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 42%

  • Petit Verdot 2%

  • Sauvignon Gris 0.5%

  • Merlot 39%

  • Cabernet Franc 1%

  • Sémillon 8%

  • Muscadelle 0.5%