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Château d'Issan

  • Bordeaux


The Château d’Issan is a Troisième Cru Classé of the Margaux appellation. Its motto "Regium mensis aris que deorum" means "For the table of the Kings and the altar of the Gods". This is justified by the presence of the wine at the wedding of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henri Plantagenêt, future King of England, in 1152. It was also served at the court of the Emperor Francis Joseph in Vienna in the 19th century. The Cruse family has now been the owner of the estate since 1945. The businessman Jacky Lorenzetti has been co-owner since 2013. The vines are grown based on the principles of biodynamic agriculture in order to respect, as far as possible, this exceptional gravelly terroir from which the Château benefits. Significant human and technical investments have been made, which have helped to place Château d’Issan alongside the very greatest Margaux, with authentic wines combining finesse and tannins, persistence and delicacy.

Grape varieties

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 65%

  • Merlot 35%