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Today, we write our tomorrow


From day one, U’Wine has never been just about buying and selling wine, nor has it ever been a simple investment company or a wine negociant like any other. For the past 5 years, we have been evolving, growing, and enhancing our business model by creating new services, new offers, and new technologies, to always maintain this agility and dynamism.

Today, we go one step further by clearly stating who we are and what our ambition is, U’Wine’s purpose. Today U’Wine is evolving by already thinking about tomorrow. So there are things that do not change because we will always remain true to our DNA and our values. There are also things that change to write a new chapter, to see further ahead, and to imagine the future. Today, we write our tomorrow. U’Wine is changing today.

The same logo

Because we are still in Bordeaux but aiming at the whole world, we are keeping our logo but just dropping our “Bordeaux”.

The same values

Excellence, Passion, Innovation. Whether it is a careful selection of tomorrow’s wines, organizing tasting dinners with you, or connecting your cellars with the Tags, these values are still here, guiding each U’Wine-Maker every day.

A new definition

We are the wine ecosystem offering an experience and privileged access to Grands Crus.

An ecosystem includes its members, respects their identity, and is sustainable. Whether you are a wine lover, a Grand Cru, or a Partner distributing our investment offers, you are part of our ecosystem. Discover a wine or one of our offers, buy wine to drink, live the U’Wine Experience, and discover or let others discover the Châteaux, connect your cellar, invest or consume… Everything is possible, everyone can enjoy it, and everyone has their place.

A new ambition

To build tomorrow’s wine world by focusing on sustainability, long term value creation and delivering emotions.

Rewarding? by allowing each wine to be drunk at the right time and at its true value. By bringing together those who create the wine and those who drink the bottles or by providing protection, services, and technologies. It is by reinventing wine trading, wine investment or cellar management that we create value in the wine world and we are not going to stop there.

Sustainable? because at U’Wine, we always think in the long term. A solid model, a strong will to make the wine world evolve so that it is more responsible, well-thought-out, and sustainable. There are still a thousand things to invent for each actor in this chain and it is from within that we transform, that we build.

Emotional? simply because it is the most beautiful thing we can experience through wine and these experiences, encounters, and memories are essential for us. To understand wine you have to live it. Tomorrow’s wine world cannot exist without emotions and we will constantly seek to invent experiences and arouse emotions around a shared bottle.

Today, we write our tomorrow


How do you see tomorrow’s wine world? Let us know here or on our Instagram account @uwinebordeaux to enter the competition to win a €20 voucher for our wine boutique on our Application!