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The Wooden Case, the case of Grand Cru


Depuis sa création U’Wine est le négociant qui valorise la Caisse Bois. Ce packaging élégant représente un véritable écrin pour la bouteille de Grand Cru.


The Grand Cru wines were not always sold in wooden cases, and its design is in fact linked to that of the glass bottle. Originally, the wine was sold in barrels and its trade mark was indicated by a fire mark with an iron and simple stencils. The wine was identified by the symbol on the barrel, most often represented by the family coat of arms or the owner’s coat of arms. In this way, the merchants and the Châteaux could immediately recognize the name and the terroir and thus certify the origin of the wine

The glass and the wood

From the 18th century and with the advent of glass manufacturers, notably in Bordeaux, bottles infiltrated the wine-growing domains and gradually set root in them. The wine was bottled in the Château by then and this practice extended throughout the following centuries. In order to facilitate the transport of the bottles, the wooden case is introduced naturally. Like the barrels used before, the wooden case must be identified and the coat of arms and the signatures of the Castles must be reproduced on the cover. This is also in line with the sanitation and planting of pines in the Landes region, opening up a buoyant market for foresters and an immense local need for wood. And thus the famous wooden case design was born …

The prestige of the wooden case design

Therefore, it is essential to display on the wooden case the name of the Château, a graphic motif representing it, the vintage as well as the classification, which turns into a true marker of the identity of the Grand Crus after the great classification after the Universal Exhibition in 1855. The origin of the wooden case therefore becomes as important as its content and, like the label, helps them differentiate from others. Some choose to brand their identity on the print, others on the edge only, with a nice graphics and a great care during the production. The wooden case thus becomes a luxurious packaging that must be in line with the positioning of the Château.

The preference of U’Wine

U’Wine has chosen to focus its purchases at Châteaux on small quantity which are 1, 2, or 3 bottles. It is in a very rare format since almost 90% of Grand Cru wines are packaged in wooden cases of 6 or 12 bottles. It is because the 1 or 3-bottle wooden case format offers the perfect size for a gift or allows easy transport via the logistics chain for individuals. On contrary, wooden cases of 6 or 12 bottles are generally used by the professional market and transported on a pallet. U’Wine is, therefore, able to send Grand Cru wines worldwide in their original format and directly to individuals.