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The U’Wine app makes its revolution!


We are very proud to present our brand-new version of the App! A redesigned menu, a new cellar management tool and above all a brand-new feature that will radically change the management of your cellar… In short, still the best wine App!

1. Browse the new Home Page with a smooth access to each section and sub-section. Have instant access to the Concierge Service, the Profile or the “Tag a Wine” feature via the menu at the bottom of the screen.

2. In the blink of an eye, follow the performance of your Investment Cellar: the status of your bottles, the evolution of their value and the progression of divestment. A redesigned and simplified display facilitates effortless reading.

3. Add your Consumption Cellar, wherever they are and update them by adding and moving your bottles from one cellar to another. You can also directly access all the information on Domains and Châteaux.

4. Finally, update your cellar with the U’Wine tag!

We have created and developed the Tag, the solution for an easy and effortless cellar management experience.

Placed at the neck of the bottle, the Tag allows you to add or remove a bottle from your cellar in only just a few seconds. Thanks to NFC technology, the only thing you have to do is to press the “Tag a Wine” button and place your phone close to the Tag. In this way your U’Wine Cellar continuously updates as you consume.

All bottles delivered by U’Wine have been equipped with the Tag since the 15th of April. From the end of May, you will be able to order a batch of Tags through the App to tag and connect your other wines, by yourself, that were in your possession before April 15. Like this, you will know exactly how many of each wine you have your cellar at your fingertips.

U’Wine has continued to innovate since its creation and this new version of the Application illustrates our ongoing ambition to improve the experience of our Members and provide them with the fluidity and technology to manage their cellar effortlessly.

Discover the new U’Wine App