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What wines to drink with smoked salmon, foie gras and oysters at Christmas?

  • Wed, Dec 13, 2023 at 10:00
For Christmas, U'wine is proposing some daring food and wine pairings to enhance your smoked salmon, foie gras or oysters.
From the elegance of dry white wines with smoked salmon, to the balanced harmony of sweetness and strength with foie gras, to the freshness and sparkle of champagne with oysters. With 12 days to go until Christmas, U'wine gives you some daring food and wine pairings...

A ballet of flavours  

With Christmas fast approaching, it's time to plan an exceptional Christmas meal where every mouthful and every sip will be a celebration of the senses. Whether you've chosen smoked salmon, foie gras or oysters, every starter deserves to be enhanced by carefully chosen wines. Get ready to discover some surprising pairings and daring suggestions for a Christmas worthy of the greatest!

The smoked salmon

Although red wine may seem daring, a light, low-tannin Pinot Noir from Alsace or a Gamay from Beaujolais can be a pleasant surprise, creating a subtle balance with smoked salmon.

Which wines to drink with smoked salmon this Christmas

Smoked salmon, with its delicate texture and subtle aromas, pairs wonderfully with a dry white wine. Elegant choices such as Pouilly-Fumé or Sancerre, renowned for their elegance and freshness, provide the perfect subtlety to accompany the delicacy of the salmon. Pinot Gris from Alsace, with its fruity character and full texture, and Riesling, with its complex aromas, are also judicious choices. 

For a touch of originality, champagne is a refined option, especially when it's a 100% Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs. The delicate bubbles complement the finesse of the salmon with a touch of sparkle.

The foie gras

Foie gras calls for a balanced combination of sweetness and strength. Mellow white wines such as Sauternes, Jurançon or Monbazillac are the perfect choice. Their velvety softness complements the melt-in-the-mouth texture of the foie gras.

Which wines to drink with foie gras this Christmas

If you venture into dry whites, intriguing choices such as Pinot Gris, Châteauneuf, or a Burgundy like Meursault can accompany foie gras with elegance, avoiding any excess sugar.

The world of red wine is a privileged one, with grands crus such as Saint-Émilion, Pomerol, Margaux and Vosne-Romanée, whose complexity and power combine magically with the richness of foie gras. 

The art of Champagne requires special attention, so avoid overly sweet cuvées in favour of Blanc de Noirs or Blanc de Blancs Chardonnays, which bring an effervescent elegance to this gourmet combination.

For those who enjoy a unique experience, a yellow wine, such as a Château-Chalon or a ten-year-old Boilley, will reveal notes of aged fruit that will surprise and delight the most discerning palates.

The oysters

Oysters, a maritime delicacy par excellence, call for fresh, sparkling wines for a perfect match. Opt for dry whites such as Muscadet, Chablis, Sancerre or a Crozes-Hermitage Blanc. Their delicate aromas will underline the iodised freshness of the oysters, creating a light and invigorating experience.  

Which wines to drink with oysters this Christmas

The delicate flavours of a fresh oyster, with its smooth texture and iodised taste, blend perfectly with the richness and complexity of a Sauternes. This emblematic sweet wine from the Bordeaux region, with its balanced sweetness, creates a seductive combination with the saltiness and freshness of the oysters. The wine's acidity enhances the sea flavour of the oysters, while its roundness and smoothness coat the palate.

The delicate bubbles of a brut champagne or extra brut champagne add a festive dimension, echoing the liveliness of these marine delights.

The red wine option, although uncommon, reveals all its splendour in Bordeaux, where we see this daring combination. This pairing really comes into its own when the oysters are not very iodised. A red Bordeaux or a red Chinon can create a surprising combination, adding an earthy touch that goes surprisingly well with the delicacy of the oysters. 

Dare to be original!   

For a touch of originality at your Christmas dinner, dare to explore rare grape varieties that offer a unique and unexpected experience. Broaden your horizons by discovering less traditional wine-producing regions, such as Lebanon, Greece or Georgia, where surprising wines can add a whole new dimension to your feast. These bold suggestions are sure to stimulate your guests' palates and make your Christmas celebration a memorable one. Happy wine tasting!

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