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Which wine to drink with your Yule log?

  • Thu, Dec 7, 2023 at 12:30
Yule logs and U'wine wine, festive and gourmet symbols. Discover the perfect pairings to round off your family celebrations in style!
In the glow of festive lights and the warmth of family gatherings, the Yule log takes pride of place on our tables. A real centrepiece of our Christmas celebrations, it's a symbol of tradition and indulgence. Today, we're unveiling the perfect pairings between the Yule log and our U'wine grands crus to bring your festivities to a close in style!

A little history... 

The origins of the Yule log go back several centuries and are closely linked to ancient traditions. In the Middle Ages, to celebrate the winter solstice, European families would leave a Yule log to burn slowly until Christmas Eve to symbolise renewal, light and warmth in the heart of winter. The appearance of the flames was also said to predict the coming year's agricultural harvest.   

Over time, this tradition has evolved into an emblematic pastry. The idea of recreating the shape of a log with a rolled cake emerged in 19th century France, evolving into the sophisticated creations we enjoy today.   

Taste and colour  

The perfect harmony between Yule log and wine remains a personal quest, an exploration of taste where individual preferences dictate the choice. Given the diversity of flavours in Yule logs, from classic chocolate to fruity creations, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to matching wine and Yule logs.

The "Chocomotive" log by the Hôtel Cheval Blanc

The all-chocolate log from the Hôtel Cheval Blanc by Maxime Frédéric, rich and indulgent, is a festive favourite. To accompany this delicacy, opt for a natural sweet wine from the Roussillon region, such as a Banyuls or Maury, or a Porto. Their aromas of cocoa, candied fruit and roasting will harmonise with the intense flavours of the chocolate. The creative touch: a tannic red wine from Châteauneuf-du-Pape is sure to impress your guests!

"La Chocomotive" by Maxime Frédéric from the Hôtel Cheval Blanc and U'wine wine

The "Promenade à Chambord" log from Fleur de Loire

The "Promenade à Chambord" log, featuring blackberry and raspberry, designed by Christophe Hay and Florence Lesage, can be paired with fruity sparkling wines for a touch of freshness to balance the fat and sugar of the dessert. Syrah and Gamay are excellent choices, complementing the red fruit flavours of the log. A little creative touch: a Crémant rosé will add a certain length on the palate for a memorable end to the meal!

"Promenade à Chambord" Christmas log by Florence Lesage and Christophe Hay from Fleur de Loire and U'wine wine

The "Diamant Noir" log from the Shangri-La Hotel

Maxence Barbot's legendary 'Diamant Noir' vanilla log from the Shangri-La Hotel is the perfect accompaniment to a light, fresh, sweet wine. Alsace and German Rieslings will create a perfect harmony on the palate. As for the praline, opt for hazelnut flavours by proposing a Madère or Marsala, natural wines with very little sugar and a sunny allure. The little creative touch: to create the perfect balance and transport you to Brittany, a cider will surprise your guests!

"Diamant Noir" Christmas log by Maxence Barbot from the Shangri-La Hotel and U'wine wine

The "Star Finesse d'Agrumes" log by Sébastien Serveau

For this citrus-flavoured log by Sébastien Serveau from Pâtisserie FINE, you can play with the acidity of the dessert and the sweetness of sweet wines.  You have two options: Gewurztraminer, a slightly sweet wine, or Sauternes or late harvest Riesling, a very rich wine. The creative touch: a demi-sec Champagne for perfect balance!

"Star Finesse d'Agrumes" Christmas log by Sébastien Serveau from Pâtisserie FINE and U'wine wine

The "Ispahan Cheesecake" frozen log by Pierre Hermé

If your choice is Pierre Hermé's "Cheesecake Ispahan" frozen log, consider a sparkling wine such as Champagne or Prosecco. The refreshing bubbles and lightness of these wines go perfectly with the icy texture of the log.

"Cheesecake Ispahans" frozen Yule log by Pierre Hermé and U'wine wine

U'wine wishes you a wonderful festive season!  

Whether it's a chocolate log, a red fruit log or even a frozen log, the subtle art of pairing wine and logs offers an infinite range of possibilities. Sweet, sparkling or syrupy wines enhance the flavours of these festive delights, each adding its own distinctive touch.   

This festive season, whether your choice is a rich, velvety Banyuls, a sparkling Crémant Rosé, a Gewurztraminer full of character, or a refreshing Prosecco, let this pairing round off your celebrations in style, creating lasting memories around your Christmas table. Happy festive season!

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