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Which grands crus should you choose for your Christmas dinner?

  • Fri, Dec 1, 2023 at 10:00
Christmas festivities with our grands crus! Our wine selection will give you the keys to creating memorable pairings.
The festive season is the perfect time to uncork wine treasures, and nothing can rival the timeless elegance of great vintages. We guide you through our exquisite selection, highlighting vintages that will awaken your senses and leave their mark on your celebrations. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a wine lover or want to impress your guests with the right choices, our Grand Cru selection will provide you with the keys to creating memorable pairings.

The basics of successful food and wine pairing  

The art of creating a successful food and wine pairing lies in the constant search for harmony of flavours and textures, while skilfully playing with contrasts. Harmony of flavours involves the delicate complementarity of the gustatory elements of the dish and the wine, creating a coherent and pleasurable culinary experience. Contrasts, on the other hand, can be a powerful way of elevating the experience by stimulating the palate with subtle oppositions. Balancing the intensity of flavours is also the key to successful pairing; a robust dish can be enhanced by a wine that is both powerful and balanced. Like the artistic colours on a canvas, tastes and colours in food and wine pairing vary from person to person. Some classic harmonies can be universally appreciated, but there are no hard and fast rules. The key lies in exploring and discovering new combinations, inviting everyone to develop their own sensory palette and appreciate the magical union between flavours and wines.

What's on your Christmas menu?  

The essential foie gras  

Sauternes, a syrupy nectar with a golden hue, is the ideal companion for foie gras, enhancing every bite with its balanced sweetness. The rich, complex aromas of candied fruit and honey intertwine deliciously with the smooth texture of the foie gras.  

Gewurztraminer, a white wine from Alsace, reveals floral and spicy aromas that blend perfectly with the richness of the foie gras. Its aromatic palette, characterised by notes of lychee, rose and sweet spices, deliciously complements the velvety texture of the foie gras.  

The Champagne brut, with its lively freshness and fine bubbles, is the perfect counterpart to the velvety richness of the foie gras. The lightly toasted, mineral notes of the champagne subtly complement the smooth texture of the foie gras. As for the crémant, with its delicate mousse and fruity aromas, it adds an effervescent dimension that accentuates the delicacy of the dish.

The timeless seafood platter 

Oysters, delicate and iodised, are matched by the mineral freshness of a Chablis or the liveliness of an Entre-Deux-Mers. Chablis, with its lemony aromas and crispness, echoes the purity of the oysters. Similarly, the Entre-Deux-Mers, with its fruity liveliness and subtle balance.  

The delicate, pearly flavours of the scallops are echoed in the mineral freshness of the Sancerre, creating a tasty symbiosis where sea and land meet. The citrus notes and liveliness of the Pouilly-Fumé add a captivating aromatic dimension that subtly enhances the sweetness of the seafood. 

The delicate, sweet flesh of the lobster is perfectly matched by the rich, creamy texture of a well-balanced Chardonnay. Whether the Chardonnay comes from a Burgundy or Californian terroir, its notes of butter, vanilla and stone fruit harmoniously complement the succulence of the lobster. 

Forget convention and enjoy the daring eccentricity of an unexpected pairing: seafood and Sauternes. Traditionally reserved for desserts, this sweet wine is a surprising partner for seafood flavours. Seafood, with its fresh, iodised flavour, goes wonderfully well with the rich, mellow sweetness of this grand cru. Try it now!


The majestic smoked salmon  

Salmon, with its delicate texture and slightly oily taste, finds its perfect partner in the refreshing bubbles of Champagne. Whether it's a brut or a blanc de blancs, the champagne brings a liveliness that enhances the salmon's salty, smoky notes. 

The tender flesh of the salmon blends harmoniously with the liveliness and distinct acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc. The notes of citrus, tropical fruit and the distinctive minerality of the wine amplify the delicacy of the salmon.  

The salmon is perfectly balanced with the freshness and subtlety of the Pinot Grigio. This dry white wine, with its delicate aromas of white fruit and floral notes, complements its delicate texture. The lively acidity of this wine adds a freshness that accentuates the nuances of the fish. 

For those who prefer a slightly sweet white wine, the aromatic complexity of the Riesling creates a perfect match between freshness and liveliness. The citrus and peach aromas and light mineral touch of the Riesling blend subtly with the tender texture of the salmon.

The timeless capon 

For white wine lovers, sublimating your capon with a Chardonnay is the perfect combo. This white wine, with its subtle aromas of white-fleshed fruit, vanilla and hazelnut, adds a complexity that complements the capon's melt-in-the-mouth texture. The buttery notes of this white wine enhance the delicate flavours of the bird. 

For a wine that's far from traditional: Sauvignon Blanc. Its citrus aromas and herbaceous freshness subtly complement the capon's delicate flavour. The crisp acidity of this white wine deliciously cuts through the fat of the bird. 

On the red side, the tender, flavoursome flesh of the capon finds its alter ego in the subtlety of the Pinot Noir. The red wine's aromas of red fruit, delicate cherry notes and slight spiciness promise a match worthy of the greatest. 

The ripe red fruit, plum and spicy nuances of Merlot subtly complement the complexity of white meat. The silky texture of the Merlot gently envelops the poultry. 

Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the emblematic red wine of the Rhône Valley, contains aromas of black fruit, spices and subtle hints of garrigue that will add aromatic depth to the capon.

Tender lamb  

The exquisite pairing of lamb with a Bordeaux wine, whether Pomerol, Saint-Émilion, Médoc or Saint-Julien, offers a taste experience of incomparable elegance. The tender meat of lamb, rich in flavour, finds a perfect companion in the diversity of these prestigious wines with their velvety tannins.  

The harmony between lamb and Burgundy wine, or Châteauneuf-du-Pape, creates a gastronomic experience that is both refined and daring. The savoury meat of lamb finds a perfect companion in the complex nuances of Burgundy wine. 

The elegant truffle 

Where there's truffle, there's Piedmont, there's Barolo! Barolo, rich in tannins and fruity aromas, skilfully balances the opulence of the truffle, offering a most memorable culinary experience.


Happy Christmas with U'wine!  

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