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Candlemas: what wine to drink with galettes and crêpes?

  • Fri, Jan 26, 2024 at 10:30
Discover the perfect pairing of crêpes, galettes and wines for a successful Chandeleur with U'wine.
Candlemas, the traditional festival of crêpes and galettes, is the perfect opportunity to combine culinary pleasure with sharing and tasting. So, to make sure your meal is a real success, discover the best food and wine pairings to accompany these Breton delights.

The origins of Candlemas  

There are many legends about Candlemas. Our Breton U'wine-Makers believe that this celebration, otherwise known as the festival of candles, originated in a pagan custom linked to light and purification. The Christian Church later Christianised the tradition, associating Candlemas with the presentation of Jesus in the Temple and the purification of the Virgin Mary, forty days after her birth. So 2 February would be the day for blessing candles to symbolise the light of faith.  


The tradition of making crepes is linked to solar symbolism. The round, golden shape represents the sun and symbolises the return of longer, brighter days, marking the end of winter.  

In Brittany, the custom is to blow the first crepe with the right hand while clutching a golden louis in the left to ensure abundance and prosperity in the home. 

Wines to enhance the crepes  

Gone are the "clichés" of cider and apple juice - Brittany has much more to offer your epicurean taste buds. Today, we'd like to introduce you to some pairings that will shake up traditions with subtlety and refinement.


Galette with mushrooms and mineral white wine

Galette, often served with cheese, eggs and mushrooms, call for dry, lively white wines. A sauvignon blanc or chablis brings an acidity that blends harmoniously with the savoury flavours of the galette. The balance between the dry wine and the soft texture of the galette creates a winning combo.

Galette with mushrooms and mineral white wine l U'wine

Complete galette and supple red wine

Galette, filled with egg, ham and cheese, go wonderfully well with supple red wines. Choose a pinot noir or a gamay, light, fruity wines that will harmonise perfectly with the varied flavours of the galette. Their light acidity adds a freshness that intensifies the nuances of the ingredients.

Complete galette and supple red wine l U'wine

Seafood galette with dry white wine

If you opt for seafood galette, the choice of wine is crucial to accentuate the freshness of the marine flavours. A dry, mineral white wine such as a sancerre or muscadet will be the ideal partner. These wines bring a liveliness that underlines the delicacy of the seafood without overpowering it.

Seafood galette with dry white wine l U'wine


Crepe Suzette and sweet white wine

The crêpes Suzette, delicately flambéed and topped with an orange sauce, call for sweet white wines. A sauternes, rich in honey and citrus fruit aromas, adds a complementary sweet touch. The sweetness of the wine perfectly balances the subtle acidity of the citrus fruit, creating a harmonious taste experience on the palate.

Crepe Suzette and sweet white wine l U'wine

Crepe with jam and sparkling wine

To enhance the jam crepe experience, the perfect match is the sparkling elegance of a sparkling wine. Opt for a crémant or demi-sec champagne. The sweetness of the sparkling wine will balance the smoothness of the jam. The fruity and floral notes of the sparkling wine will add a delicate freshness.

Crepe with jam and sparkling wine l U'wine

Chocolate crepes and full-bodied red wine

For chocolate lovers, cocoa crepes call for full-bodied red wines. A cabernet sauvignon or syrah offers notes of red fruit and a robust structure that blend perfectly with the intensity of the chocolate. The combination creates a powerful tasting experience, where the wine's tannins match the richness of the dessert.

Chocolate crepes and full-bodied red wine l U'wine

Make your crepes jump!

Candlemas is much more than just an excuse to blow crepes. With its ancient traditions, illuminating legends and delicious food and wine pairings, this Breton festival offers a culinary voyage of delight. 

So, whether you're an expert at crepes-blow up or a novice in the delicate art of galette-folding, don't forget to add a touch of wine to your feast. As a forgotten Breton philosopher might have said: "A good food and wine pairing is like a well-turned crepe: a masterpiece to be savoured with wonder and a gourmet smile."  

May Candlemas light up your taste buds as much as your candles!

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