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Food and Champagne pairings for a successful festive season

  • Wed, Dec 20, 2023 at 10:00
Christmas is coming, so choose U'wine champagnes to accompany your celebrations. An emblematic elixir, it will delight even the most demanding palates!
With the festive season fast approaching, it's time to think about the drink that will accompany your celebrations. Champagne, the emblematic sparkling wine, is undoubtedly the elixir of choice to mark these special moments. In the midst of laughter, conviviality and outbursts of joy, U'wine's food and champagne pairings are designed to satisfy the most demanding palates...

Brut Champagne and oysters au gratin  

Champagne Brut, the sparkling jewel par excellence, delights the palate with its lively bubbles and exquisite freshness. The delicate saltiness of the oysters dances in perfect harmony with the sparkling vivacity of the Champagne. Each bubble gently cleanses the palate between bites, while the creamy texture of the oysters au gratin offers a balance of flavours. A dazzling celebration of culinary pleasures, where sea and vine meet.  

Dry Champagne, grilled prawns with garlic and lemon  

Dry Champagne is the ideal companion to sublimate the treasures of the sea. Grilled prawns find their ideal partner in its sparkling, refreshing characteristics. Each bubble echoes the light note of garlic and the liveliness of lemon, creating an explosion worthy of a feast on the palate. 

Semi-dry Champagne with foie gras and fruit chutney 

In this combination, the slightly sweet notes of the Champagne blend perfectly with the richness of the foie gras. The addition of fruit chutney adds a tangy, fruity touch that complements the flavour profile of the Champagne.

Blanc de Noirs, duck breast and pink berries 

Champagne Blanc de Noirs, made exclusively from black grapes, has a robust structure and rich aromas that pair well with the intense flavour of duck breast. The pink berries add a subtle touch of spice and fruitiness for a well-balanced pairing. 

Blanc de blancs, scallop carpaccio and white truffle vinaigrette 

Each slice of scallop, a symbol of marine finesse, finds its setting in the golden colour of the Blanc de Blancs, creating a subtle alliance of freshness and refinement. As for the white truffle vinaigrette, it adds a subtle, earthy note to your guests' palates.  

Vintage Champagne and Wellington beef fillet  

Enhance your celebrations with a vintage champagne accompanied by a Wellington beef fillet. This festive pairing will awaken the senses, combining the elegance of Champagne with the sophistication of this classic dish. 

Sweet Champagne and an exotic log  

Champagne Doux, an effervescent jewel with sweet, delicate sparkles, is a graceful accompaniment to an exotic log. Its sweetness becomes the main performer, delicately caressing the taste buds, while the freshness of the fruit provides an interesting counterpoint.

Trust yourself 

The choice of Champagne often depends on individual preferences. Lovers of drier wines may opt for a brut or extra brut, while those who prefer a touch of sweetness may be seduced by a demi-sec. Identify your sparkling preferences and explore the descriptions of our champagnes to find the one that matches your tastes. 

A sparkling harmony  

Choosing the right Champagne for the festive season is no easy task, as the perfect match has to be found. Each variety of this divine nectar goes with a range of dishes: seafood, red meat or a fruity log... Make your festive season unforgettable by ordering your favourite champagne with U'wine on our website. But in the meantime, let these pairings brighten up your tables and let each bubble evoke a note of happiness. Enjoy a memorable festive season, rich in flavours and emotions, in the sparkling glow of these special moments. Cheers!

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