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Château Gruaud Larose

  • Bordeaux


Several families have succeeded each other over three centuries, but the origin of the name Gruaud Larose comes from Joseph Stanislas Gruaud, who established the estate in 1725. His descendants, including Abbé Gruaud, extended the estate to produce sixty barrels of wine in 1755. The Château was acquired by the Chevalier Joseph Sébastien Larose in 1778, and was then sold at auction to two families in 1812. Having been run by the Cordier family for almost the entire 20th century, the estate is now owned by the Merlaut family. Since 1997 the family has adopted environmentally-friendly methods, well before this became widespread among the vineyards of Bordeaux. Its exceptional terroir, composed of Garonne gravel outcrops dating back approximately 700,000 years, helps to create a great wine, Second Cru Classé under the classification of 1855. Proud of its crest above which sits the maxim "Le Vin des Rois, le Roi des Vins" (The Wine of Kings, the King of Wines) the Château Gruaud Larose also produces a highly-appreciated Second wine, Sarget de Gruaud Larose.

Grape varieties

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 63%

  • Merlot 30%

  • Cabernet Franc 4%

  • Petit Verdot 3%