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Rivetto was founded in 1902 and today it is founded by Enrico Rivetto, the fourth generation of the family and the new generation of enthusiastic and inquisitive growers, and he started to launch organic viticulture in the vineyard in 2009. Going beyond that, he also has a great passion in pursuing biodynamic viticulture by adding ancient strains of corn and wheat, aromatic herbs and perennial flowers along with 550 trees to create a biodiverse environment in the vineyard, as he believes that this new form of agriculture should be the norm for the agricultural industry.  Enrico Rivetto have even introduced animals in the vineyard while he had chose donkeys which now provide manure for home-made compost even though the animal keeping takes up some of the precious land resources.  The winery is located at 400 meters above sea level, on top of the Lirano hills, at the border with the Barolo zone. The soil, where the richness, power and elegance of our tannins come from, is typical Serralunga: calcareous and rich of clay with the presence of marles.

Grape varieties

  • Pinot Noir

  • Nebbiolo

  • Barbera

  • Chardonnay