• Rising Stars

Château Pédesclaux

  • Bordeaux


Château Pédesclaux was created in 1810 by Pierre-Urbain Pédesclaux, a famous Bordeaux wine broker. Only 45 years after being founded, the estate was promoted to the rank of Cinquième Cru Classé in 1855. Numerous owners have succeeded each other over two centuries and the vineyard hasn't ceased to expand, today reaching the size of 43 hectares. Jacky and Françoise Lorenzetti, the current owners, have made various renovations to the Château Pédesclaux. The vineyard was first of all totally restructured and expanded. The couple then called on the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte to, on the one hand, redesign the Château the façade of which features two large glass extensions, and on the other hand, design the new technical buildings. Between technological and architectural prowess, the new cellar is a true work of art. The grapes are transferred using gravity thanks to the natural elevation of the terrain and to the use of the four elevator-vats: true innovation.  Reflecting the terroir, the wine is complex, powerful and elegant. A superb long-keeping wine, it can keep for several decades and presents incredible valuation potential.

Grape varieties

  • Merlot 34%

  • Petit Verdot 4%

  • Cabernet Franc 5%

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 57%