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Wine across the ages

  • Wed, Jan 31, 2024 at 10:00
Discover the history and origins of wine and how it has evolved through the ages: Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Modern Era...
Wine, the timeless companion of celebrations, meals and life's precious moments, has stood the test of time like an immortal elixir, carrying with it the flavours of centuries gone by and its well-kept secrets. From ancient times to the present day, each wine tells a rich story, woven across eras, borders and cultures. Take a seat for a leap into the divine past!

Roots of wine

  • The valleys of the Caucasus - wine origin

    The valleys of the Caucasus

    Wine has been around for more than 8,000 years, with its fascinating origins in the valleys of the Caucasus, a mountainous region in southern Georgia. Archaeologists have discovered traces of the first wine production in this area, suggesting that local communities had already mastered the age-old art of wine-making. These early winemakers used clay jars to ferment grape juice, creating a beverage that would become the distant precedent for the wine we know today.

  • Ancient Greece and Dionysus - wine origin

    Ancient Greece and Dionysus

    The history of wine takes a significant turn in ancient Greece, where Dionysus, god of wine, is celebrated with fervour. The Greeks perfected winemaking techniques, introduced vine cultivation to Europe and codified wine tasting as an art form. Philosophical banquets and lively discussions over a glass of wine defined this golden age of wine culture.

  • Ancient Rome  - wine origin

    Ancient Rome

    At the height of the Roman Empire, wine became a symbol of prestige and power. The Roman legions planted vines wherever they went, contributing to the expansion of vineyards across Europe. The Romans also developed winemaking techniques, creating wines that stood the test of time and laid the foundations for modern viticulture.

  • Medieval times - wine origin

    Medieval times

    During the Middle Ages, monasteries became the guardians of wine-making knowledge in Europe. Monks played an essential role in preserving grape varieties and innovating methods of cultivation and vinification. Castles and abbeys became centres for the production of exceptional wines, showcasing local terroirs.

  • The Renaissance  - wine origin

    The Renaissance

    The Renaissance opened up new horizons for wine. European sailors introduced vines to the New World, creating a bridge between continents and giving rise to unique terroirs. The vineyards of South America, South Africa and Australia flourished, adding unrivalled diversity to the world's wine palette. This was the beginning of wine globalisation.

  • Modern Era - wine origin

    Modern Era

    Modern winemaking techniques emerged, and bottles replaced barrels, allowing better preservation and easier distribution. In the 20th century, the oenological Renaissance gave new life to craftsmanship, with a return to more traditional methods and a passionate exploration of new terroirs. Winegrowers defended the tradition and craftsmanship of their wine regions at all costs.

  • Contemporary times - wine origin

    Contemporary times

    Today, the world of wine is more vibrant than ever. From the traditional vineyards of France to the new viticultural frontiers of China, each region brings its own unique touch to the history of wine. Technological innovations and a growing commitment to sustainability are shaping the future of wine while respecting age-old traditions. Modern winemakers are exploring new horizons, rediscovering ancient grape varieties and bringing forgotten terroirs to light.

A glass, a thousand stories  

From Roman feasts to modern celebrations, wine has survived the test of time, carrying with it the stories of the men and women who have devoted their lives to this enchanting beverage. At U'wine, our destiny is to make great wines accessible to all wine lovers. So let's raise our glasses to this eternal journey that continues to evolve, surprise and delight palates the world over. Cheers!

Fine wine is worth your passion

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Fine wine is worth your passion
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