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What to drink with your Easter menu ?

  • Fri, Mar 22, 2024 at 10:00
Glass of white wine, Easter table
Easter is a time for celebration and sharing, with festive meals taking centre stage. To accompany your Easter dishes, the choice of wine can add an extra touch to your dining experience. Whether you're opting for a traditional feast or exploring new flavours, here are some wine suggestions to celebrate each course on your Easter menu.

The Easter story

The history of Easter goes back thousands of years and is rich in tradition and symbolism. Originally, Easter was a pagan festival celebrating the renewal of nature in spring, marked by the return of light and warmth after the long months of winter. With the advent of Christianity, Easter became associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, celebrating his victory over death and his message of hope and redemption. Easter customs vary around the world, but generally include activities such as egg hunts, egg decorating, religious parades and the eating of traditional foods.

Easter cake and white wine

Start your meal with a classic: Easter cake. Made with minced meat and egg, it offers an explosion of flavours and textures on the palate. To accompany this rich dish, opt for a dry, mineral white wine such as a sancerre or chablis. Their freshness and balanced acidity will cleanse the palate after every mouthful, leaving room for the rest of the meal.

Easter cake and white wine

Leg of lamb, seasonal vegetables and red wine

Leg of lamb, a tender meat, is an essential part of many an Easter meal. Accompanied by roasted or grilled seasonal vegetables, this dish offers a palette of rustic and delicate flavours. To accompany this spring feast, choose a medium-bodied, elegant red wine from the Rhône Valley, such as a Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Leg of lamb, seasonal vegetables and red wine

Easter nest with chocolate and porto

To end your meal on a sweet note, there's nothing like a chocolate Easter nest. This iconic dessert is often accompanied by an explosion of chocolate flavours, dried fruit and cream. To accompany it, opt for a sweet, velvety wine like a Porto. Its notes of dried fruit, caramel and chocolate are the perfect complement to the richness of this dessert.

Easter nest with chocolate and porto

For fans of vegetarian Easter menus

If you'd rather explore vegetarian alternatives for your Easter meal, here are a few suggestions you might like.

Starter: stuffed mushrooms with tomato pesto and white wine

Serve this mushroom dish with a dry, fruity white wine such as a New Zealand Chardonnay.

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Stuffed mushrooms with tomato pesto and white wine

Main course: Spinach and ricotta pie with red wine

For this tasty pie, opt for a light red wine such as a Burgundy pinot noir.

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Spinach and ricotta pie with red wine

Dessert: seasonal fruit tarts with mascarpone, red fruit coulis and champagne

Serve this Easter dessert with a sparkling wine or a semi-dry champagne. Their delicate bubbles and balanced sweetness will bring out the aromas of the fruit and round off this festive meal with finesse.

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Seasonal fruit tarts with mascarpone, red fruit coulis and champagne

The egg hunt is on!

Because there's something for everyone. Whether you opt for traditional dishes or vegetarian alternatives, wine can be the perfect companion to embellish every mouthful of your Easter menu. By experimenting with different pairings, you can create experiences and memories that will delight the taste buds (and palates) of your guests. Happy Easter!

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