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The 2023 En-Primeur market: a downward trend in prices

  • Sun, May 12, 2024 at 18:00
En-Primeurs 2023 wine cellar
In the wine world, En-Primeurs wines are eagerly awaited each year by wine lovers and investors alike. This year, a notable trend is emerging: lower prices on the En-Primeur market for the 2023 vintage.

What is a En-Primeur wine?  

En-Primeurs wines are sold before they have even been bottled, usually a few months after the harvest. This practice enables consumers to buy wines at a price that is often lower than what they will be once bottled and available on the traditional market a few years later. 

Lower prices for 2023 En-Primeurs

For the 2023 vintage, we're seeing a downward trend in En-Primeurs wines prices, a situation that contrasts with previous years. Admittedly, the 2023 vintage is considered classic, less flamboyant than its predecessor in 2022, but it certainly deserves its place. 

In recent years, En-Primeurs wines prices have been on the rise, with châteaux charging ever higher prices. This steady rise has caused concern, particularly in the Bordeaux marketplace, where wine merchants have been sounding the alarm. They have expressed concern about their ability to keep up with these rising prices. For the first En-Primeurs releases of the 2023 vintage, the situation could resemble that of 2019, when châteaux lowered their prices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Such a measure could represent a significant turnaround in châteaux pricing policy and offer a welcome opportunity for wine lovers.

An opportunity not to be missed  

Despite a complex economic context, the drop in Bordeaux wines prices offers an opportunity for investors and consumers alike. In other words, the drop in the price of En-Primeurs wines offers an interesting opportunity for buyers. It means they can access high-quality wines at more affordable prices. Bordeaux wine lovers can therefore consider adding these wines to their collection, or enjoying them without having to pay an excessive sum. 

The support you need to buy En-Primeurs 

However, it remains important for buyers to exercise caution and do their research before investing in En-Primeurs wines. They should take into account the reputation of the estate, tasting notes, as well as weather conditions and production factors in the wine-growing region concerned. At U'wine, our teams are here to help you make the best choices

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The 2023 En-Primeur market in brief

In short, the downward trend in En-Primeurs prices for the 2023 vintage offers a unique opportunity for wine lovers. It's the perfect time to explore the En-Primeur market and discover nuggets at attractive prices. However, we advise you to stay informed and make informed decisions when buying these promising wines. 

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