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Cork and tenderness, for wines without distress

  • Tue, Oct 31, 2023 at 17:38
U'wine Protect® revolutionises the way your bottles of wine are shipped, ensuring they arrive safely for Christmas.
Looking for a carefree festive season? Find out how U'wine Protect® is revolutionising the way your bottles are shipped, ensuring they arrive safely without breakage. Our innovative cork shavings are the key to preserving the magic of your celebrations...

The festive season is a magical time of year, when people come together to celebrate, share and create memories. Among the most popular gifts are often bottles of wine, carefully chosen to complement the festivities. However, sending them can present challenges, as it is essential to ensure that these precious bottles arrive in perfect condition.  

Bottles are fragile and sensitive to shocks, vibrations and temperature variations. When they are shipped, they can be exposed to various risks that could compromise their quality and taste.

Our U'wine Protect® solution

To ensure the ultimate protection for your bottles during shipping, we have developed an innovative and environmentally-friendly solution: U'wine Protect® cork shavings that guarantee optimal protection and preservation of your bottles.  

The first technology patented by U'wine, the shavings act as natural cushioning and provide a double barrier of cork and air to limit contamination of the wine by TCA, the so-called "cork taste". Our solution reduces the risk of shocks and breakage, ensuring safe, breakage-free delivery (0% breakage recorded on all our deliveries).  

The chips come from unexploited industrial waste that has been transformed into pellets between 3 and 5 millimetres in size. They are placed in both the delivery cartons and the wooden crates for added safety.

Our cork shavings are revolutionising the way your bottles of wine are shipped, guaranteeing safe delivery this Christmas.

We'll guide you...

Our U'wine Protect® solution has been designed to simplify your experience. Once you've received your order, just follow a few simple steps: 

1. Carefully remove the bottles from their packaging.  

2. Rub them lightly to remove any shavings.  

3. Wipe with a soft cloth to remove any residue.  

4. That's all there is to it ! 

    Our cork shavings are revolutionising the way your bottles of wine are shipped, guaranteeing safe delivery this Christmas.

    With our solution, we're committed to providing you with precious moments, stress-free, breakage-free and hassle-free. Order today and leave the rest to us. 

    With U'wine Protect®, we protect your precious moments so you can enjoy them to the full. Cheers !

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