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Le Malbec, un cépage noir riche en histoire et en saveurs

  • Wed, Apr 19, 2023 at 10:00
Malbec is a black grape variety of French origin that enjoys worldwide renown. Mainly grown in the Cahors region of France, it has also found a place of honour in the vineyards of Argentina, where it is considered the national grape variety. This grape, once little-known outside its native terroir, has conquered palates the world over thanks to its unique characteristics and diverse potential for expression.

The Malbec grape variety: a story from near and far

The Malbec grape variety originates from the Cahors region in south-west France. It is often called ‘the black wine of Cahors’ because of its intense colour and tannic character. In the Middle Ages, the Malbec grape was considered a superior wine and was often served to kings and noblemen.

Over time, Malbec's popularity declined, mainly in France, due to its susceptibility to rot and its low yield. Today, Malbec accounts for less than 2% of Bordeaux's vineyards. In the early 2000s, Malbec found a new home and a new life in Argentina. In the vast plains of the Mendoza region (and beyond), the Malbec grape has thrived, finding ideal conditions in which to flourish. Argentina has become home to the world's largest Malbec vineyard, propelling this once little-known grape onto the international stage.

Unique characteristics of the Malbec grape variety

The Malbec grape seduces with its bold character and rich flavours. With its thick skin and crimson colour, it offers aromas of juicy black fruit (black cherries, blackberries, blackcurrants), fleshy prunes and hints of spice and tobacco. Wines made from Malbec grapes are renowned for their power, firm structure and impressive ageing potential.

Wines made from Malbec have a unique combination of sensory characteristics that set them apart on the world wine scene. Their generally high alcohol content, combined with moderate to low acidity, creates a delicate balance on the palate that is seductive. But it is their richness in tannins that is often their most striking feature. These tannins, present in abundance in Malbec grapes, give the wines a robust, almost full-bodied structure, and ensure that they have remarkable ageing potential. Malbec is often associated with notes of chocolate and vanilla, which come from ageing in oak barrels.

The Malbec grape variety is mainly used to produce red wines. Its versatility and ability to adapt to different winemaking styles make it a valuable ingredient for winemakers seeking to create wines of character and authenticity.

In France

In France, Malbec is often used in blends, combining its qualities with those of other emblematic grape varieties such as Merlot and Tannat. This traditional practice produces powerful, complex wines in which the firm tannic structure of Malbec is softened by the roundness of Merlot and the robustness of Tannat. 

In Argentina

In Argentina, on the other hand, Malbec is often used as a single grape variety. This approach highlights the purity and expression of this grape variety in Argentine wines. With age, these wines often reveal additional complexity, with hints of tobacco, leather and undergrowth adding to their depth and character.

The Malbec grape again and again 

Although the Malbec grape is most closely associated with France and Argentina, it has also found its place in other wine-producing regions of the world. From expanding vineyards in Australia to Italy, Malbec continues to attract growing interest from wine producers and wine lovers around the world.

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