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  • Tue, Aug 1, 2023 at 16:30
Various bottles of Bordeaux and Burgundy
Are you passionate about wine, but the vast diversity of grape varieties, appellations and vintages can leave you wondering which bottles to choose for your cellar? Then look no further! We've developed a revolutionary tool for you: U'wine Genius.

U'wine Genius is a sophisticated algorithm that acts as a true personal assistant in the world of wine. It guides you step by step through the selection of bottles that perfectly match your preferences and criteria. Whether you're a red, white or sparkling wine enthusiast, or a fan of Bordeaux or Burgundy, and whether you have particular preferences in terms of appellations, regions or budgets, U'wine Genius is there for you.

How it works is simple :

Step 1 :

Enter your overall budget.

Budget pictogram

Step 2 :

Enter your budget per bottle or the number of bottles you require.

Pictogram Wine bottle crate

Step 3 :

Indicate bottle size.

Pictogram Bottle sizes

Step 4 :

Indicate the breakdown of white, red or Champagne.

Pictogram Wine colors

Step 5 :

Indicate the distribution of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône Valley, other French regions and foreign wines.

Pictogram Wine appellations

Step 6 :

Indicate the maturity of the wines: to drink quickly, to drink or to keep.

Pictogram Wine storage time

This invaluable tool will enable you to put together a cellar that reflects your image, where each bottle has been carefully selected to offer you exceptional tasting moments. Don't be overwhelmed by the multitude of choices available. Trust U'wine Genius to create the wine cellar that's right for you. Choose the tool that will bring to light hidden treasures and exceptional vintages, for unforgettable tastings over the years.

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Fine wine is worth your passion

Our team that we call the U’Wine Makers are here to serve you with great passion and commitment. We share the culture of the Grands Crus with excellence, passion and innovation, offering wine lovers from all over the world enjoyment and excitement. We guide them through the process of creating, building up and successfully managing their wine cellar and offer them access to a wine collection made up of the top 1% of the finest terroirs in the world.
Fine wine is worth your passion
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