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Back to Wine Paris 2024 with U'wine

  • Fri, Feb 16, 2024 at 14:00
Back to Wine Paris 2024 with U'wine
Wine Paris 2024 recently closed its doors, leaving behind fond memories and rewarding encounters. This annual event, eagerly awaited by professionals, connoisseurs and novices from all over the world, once again dazzled participants with its diversity of flavours and vibrant atmosphere. Among them, the U'wine-Makers, present in force, share their experiences and impressions.

Communication team

Our communications and events team, made up of Élodie Gerard and Lauriane Cooreman, represented U'wine brilliantly at the show, which spanned three exciting days. Located at the heart of Wine Tech, between the Italian and international wine halls, our stand was a strategic focal point. Our objectives were to increase the visibility and influence of U'wine. The experience proved to be a resounding success, with a remarkable 41,253 visitors from 137 countries, 41% of whom were international.   

In addition to our presence on the stand, our team had the privilege of attending a number of enriching round tables, including one on new methods of communication, particularly on how to attract new generations to the culture of wine. The round table was moderated by Marion Château from Vin & Société, Sylvain Dadé from Sowine, Gilles Raison from Petit Ballon and influencer Diane Souquinière. There were also some memorable tastings, including an exquisite Sauternes from 2001. There was also a meeting (and not the least) with Mr Bernard Magrez.

Purchasing team

The show was an opportunity to meet major importers, discover a host of foreign wines and introduce the new members of the team: Olivia Fetet, in charge of purchasing and wine operations, and Kate Janecek, purchasing manager at U'wine. In addition to the importers, they also had the opportunity to talk to some of the major players in the market outside Bordeaux, as well as a number of Bordeaux estates. But Wine Paris was not just about business transactions for the U'wine team. "It was also the perfect opportunity to do some sourcing. We were able to taste and meet estates that really interest us and that we'd like to work with in the future" adds Olivia. Olivia's highlights included wine and jamon tastings as far as the eye could see, while Kate enjoyed an unusual tasting with NBA legend Carmelo Anthony.

Marketing team

Part of the team also went to Vinexpo to juggle conferences, round tables and tastings. These sessions were a valuable source of inspiration, giving them a better understanding of emerging trends and strategic opportunities in the world of wine.  

And, of course, the tastings were a real pleasure, based on sharing with the winemakers. "I loved the fact that I could taste the wines and talk to the people who make them" said Julia. The tastings provided an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the wines of the châteaux and estates we work with, while drawing inspiration from the innovations and new trends observed in the field. There was also a unanimous round table discussion on "Wine consumption: major trends in 2024", moderated by Castagnos Emily, Julia Markowski and Sarah Multigner from Toutlevin, as well as Bernard Burtschy, President of the Wine Press Association and member of the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Wine Journalists and Writers.

Their presence at Wine Paris promises to be an opportunity to offer our customers tailor-made experiences. Thanks to live tastings and privileged exchanges with wineries, the marketing team will be able to understand and respond perfectly to the needs and preferences of even our most demanding customers. This immersion in the world of wine at the event reinforces our commitment to offering products and services that are tailor-made for every palate and every occasion. The marketing team is ready to implement the ideas and insights gained at this key wine industry event.

See you next year!  

Wine Paris 2024 was a resounding success for U'wine, where our U'wine-Makers were fully immersed in the exhilarating world of wine. Through enriching encounters, memorable tastings and learning sessions, they strengthened their expertise, expanded their network and drew fresh inspiration for the future. The whole team is ready to offer our customers the best wines from around the world and the best possible experience.  

Because, yes, great wines are meant to be savoured. Until next year!

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