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Château Trianon

  • Bordeaux


The Château Trianon is situated to the southeast of Saint-Émilion and its existence dates back to the 16thcentury. In 1999, Dominique Hébrard, co-owner of the Château Cheval Blanc, sold the family estate. Also at the head of the trading house Hébrard, he bought the 6.5 hectares of the Château Trianon in 2000. The vineyard was in very bad condition but had excellent potential. He then took all measures necessary to give the property every possible chance of achieving the rank of Grand Cru Classé B in 2022. The encepagement of the Château Trianon relates back to an unusual story. During the Phylloxera crisis, the Vineyard lost several plots. The former owners then decided to import Merlot stems from Italy. A few years later, while passing through the vineyards, Dominique Hébrard noticed that these imported plants were in fact Carménère plants and not Merlot. The confusion at the time came from the fact that the French word "Merlot" in Italy refers to Carménère! In fact, this historic error ended up being a real asset for the Château Trianon. The blend with Carménère, quite rare in Bordeaux, gives the wine real personality, which offers very round notes, spicy flavours and an elegant dark-red colour.

Grape varieties

  • Merlot 78%

  • Carmenere 3%

  • Cabernet Franc 14%

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 5%