• Rising Stars

Domaine Patrick Baudouin

  • Vallée de la Loire


The Patrick Baudouin estate, based in the Anjou Noir region, perpetuates a winegrowing tradition on thirteen hectares of centuries-old hillsides, revealing rich terroirs of schist, sandstone and volcanic rock. Firmly rooted in its history, the estate practises organic farming, marking a return to sustainable practices and non-destructive cultivation. The approach to winemaking aims to create wines that embody the terroir, with exceptional expression and ageing potential. Involved in social partnerships for more than ten years, the estate creates jobs in collaboration with an ESAT, thus perpetuating its social commitment. Patrick Baudouin, a major player in the revival of Anjou wines, is working hard to restore the authenticity of the great dry and sweet chenins, thus contributing to the renaissance of Anjou wines.

Grape varieties

  • Chenin 100%