• Rising Stars

Domaine Julien Pilon

  • Vallée du Rhône


Domaine Julien Pilon is a winegrowing gem in the Rhône-Alpes region, renowned for creating wines that embody the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Founded by winemaker Julien Pilon, the estate embodies passion and commitment to the art of winemaking. Passionate about wine, Julien Pilon has developed his winemaking expertise through his travels and encounters around the world, from the Languedoc to Spain. He also worked with renowned winemakers, including Pierre Gaillard, before realising his dream of producing his own wines in the Rhône Valley. Initially, the ambition was to cultivate his own vineyards and produce his own wine. However, due to various obstacles, he opted to set up a trading company, which enabled him to buy grapes from various appellations in the northern Rhône Valley. In 2011, he established a partnership with Condrieu winemaker Patrice Porte, who rented out his cellar and helped him acquire vineyards. Over the next ten years, his estate grew steadily. The quality of his production has earned him a glowing rating in the Guide des Meilleurs Vins de France. Domaine Julien Pilon's Viognier from Condrieu and Syrahs from Saint-Joseph and Côte-Rôtie are real gems, delighting connoisseurs and amateurs alike. Each bottle is an invitation to explore the subtle nuances and delicate aromas that reveal the full complexity of the terroir.

Grape varieties

  • Shiraz 100%

  • Marsanne 35%

  • Roussanne 15%

  • Viognier 50%