• Rising Stars

Domaine François Villard

  • Vallée du Rhône


Domaine François Villard is a wine-growing nugget nestling in the heart of the Rhône Valley. Founded by eponymous winemaker François Villard, it embodies the essence of passion, expertise and respect for tradition. Located in the Côte-Rôtie region, the estate is renowned for producing wines of exceptional quality, reflecting both the history of the terroir and contemporary innovation. The first vines were planted at Poncins in 1989. Today, these 42 hectares of vineyards stretch across steep hillsides, where Syrah and Viognier reign supreme. The granite soils of this region give a unique character to these wines, marked by remarkable elegance, complexity and depth. In a constant quest for excellence, the estate has taken an ecological turn by obtaining organic farming certification. The Côte-Rôtie is undoubtedly the star of the range, an emblematic red wine that embodies the purest expression of Syrah. However, the domaine also offers no fewer than 23 cuvées, including 6 appellations, where each wine reflects the terroir from which it comes. Domaine François Villard follows in the footsteps of the great names in French winegrowing, offering wines that tell a story of passion, tradition and innovation.

Grape varieties

  • Marsanne 30%

  • Roussanne 10%

  • Viognier 60%