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Domaine Zind-Humbrecht

  • Alsace


The Zind-Humbrecht estate is the result of the union of two families on the occasion of the wedding of Léonard Humbrecht with Geneviève Zind. This union was born in 1959 and allowed the two families, who were producing and marketing their own wines, to merge their vineyards. The Humbrecht family is a very old family of the Alsatian vineyard since it transmits from generation to generation its passion for the wine since the thirty years war. From the year of their wedding, the Zind-Humbrecht estate had the ambition to develop the newly created estate and built a new cellar and new premises. In about twenty years, the estate increased its surface area from five hectares of land to more than forty thanks to the acquisition of multiple parcels of land, notably located in the great Alsace vineyards such as the Rangen de Thann (Clos Saint Urbain) or the Hengst (Brand and Heimbourg). After thirty years devoted to improving and developing the reputation of the estate, Léonard and Geneviève Humbrecht let the new generation, Olivier and Margaret Humbrecht, take over.

Grape varieties

  • Chardonnay 2%

  • Auxerrois 4%

  • Riesling 39%

  • Muscat à petits grains blancs 3%

  • Pinot Grigio 28%

  • Pinot blanc 3%

  • Gewürztraminer 21%