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Château Pradeaux

  • Provence


The history of the Château began in 1752 when the Minister of Napoleon I, co-writer of the Civil Code and author of the Concordat inherited the family property from his grandmother. It was Countess Arlette Portalis who took the destiny of Château Pradeaux into her own hands in 1940 at the beginning of the war to rehabilitate the estate which had been destroyed by the occupation. The estate then started to produce red wine with 80% Mourvèdre grapes. Arlette then passed on the estate and her passion for Bandol to her only descendant: Cyrille. He then takes over the work of this great lady and strengthens the domain with the knowledge he acquired during his viticultural studies. In 2010 Cyrille then transmits the virus of Mourvèdre to his sons Etienne and Edouard who join the domain alongside their father and support him.

Grape varieties

  • Mourvèdre 75%

  • Cinsault 15%

  • Grenache 10%