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Domaine Gérard Bertrand

  • Languedoc


The story of Gérard Bertrand's estate began in 1975 in the heart of the Corbières in the vineyards of Château de Villemajou where he harvested his first grapes and discovered his passion for wine. This passion grew over the years as he learned the winegrowing trade with his father Georges Bertrand for a dozen years. Gérard Bertrand then took over the management of the estate after his father's death in 1987, when he was only 22 years old. He founded the Gérard Bertrand wine company in order to develop a range of wines from the South of France and gradually bought several estates, including Château L'Hospitalet in 2002. Today he is at the head of 16 châteaux and estates: a veritable empire in the heart of the Occitan vineyards, produced entirely in biodynamic methods and producing wines distributed and recognized in 175 countries.

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