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The Gaja family is a Spanish family that settled in Piedmont, Italy in 1859. With 5 generations of winemakers, the family is an emblematic figure of Piedmont’s wines. Angelo Gaja was the very first importer of French grape varieties to replace the Nebbiolo grape. He was elected “Man of the Year” in 1998 by Decanter Magazine and is known as one of the best Italian wine producers in the world. Today, the domain contributes to the international reputation of Italian wines such as Barbaresco and Barolo. Gaja stands out thanks to its new winemaking and maturing techniques: reduced yields, maturing in French oak barrels and a meticulous choice of the best parcels. They mainly produce world-renowned red wines. The estate’s Barbaresco, one of the most valuable wines, is well-structured and can be kept in the cellar for a long time.

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