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Emmerich Knoll

  • Autriche


Emmerich Knoll is located in the Wachau region of north-eastern Austria. Three generations have succeeded one another. The estate is now one of the most famous family-owned wineries in Austria. The varied climate helps the grapes reach high levels of ripeness. Warm winds from the east and cold winds from the west meet and are responsible for the region’s quality potential. All the work in the vineyard is done by hand and the domain carefully selects the best grapes. The baroque labels that are used on the bottles date back to 1961 and represent Saint Urban, a patron saint of winegrowers and vineyards in Germanic countries. The wines of the estate combine finesse and elegance, but also have great ageing potential. They are unique and reveal their immense character over time.

Grape varieties

  • Riesling