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The Sadie Family

  • Afrique du sud


The Sadie Family is located in the Swartland region of South Africa. The domain was founded in 1999 by Eben Sadie with his brother and sister. At the same time, he used his knowledge in oenology in other wine estates. However, he finally decided to start his own winery in 2011. Eben gained a lot of experience from his work in Austria, Spain, Germany, Italy, Oregon, and Burgundy. Eben’s philosophy is not to use the word ‘winemaker’, but rather talk about being a ‘winegrower’. His belief is that wine is made at the vineyard and that his role is to accompany the grapes in the terroir’s purest expression. In the vineyard, they use biodynamic principles on the 48 parcels and have a very low yield. Their wines are considered to be some of the best in South Africa and are one of the most distinctive in the wine world of the entire southern hemisphere. The estate’s wines are now highly sought after and offer a glimpse into South Africa’s winemaking past. They produce ten different wines and are so successful that they only sell through wine allocations.

Grape varieties

  • Chenin

  • Cinsault

  • Tinta Barocca

  • Sémillon

  • Shiraz