Sine Qua Non

  • Californie


Sine Qua Non is one of California’s most famous wine producers. Its first vintage was produced in 1994 when Manfred Krankl, an Austrian winemaker, released four and a half barrels of Syrah called “Queen of Spades”. These four barrels have now been transformed into four different vineyards called: Eleven Confessions, Cumulus, The Third Twin and Molly Aida.  The estate uses famous Rhone Valley grape varieties such as Syrah and Grenache, but also other varieties that are not from the region but can adapt to the Rhone Valley terroir. Robert Parker has said that Sine Qua Non is “one of the most creative and multidimensional winemakers on the planet”. The wines are produced in small quantities, so demand always exceeds supply. The wines are ripe and tasty, balanced, and enjoyable in their youth.

Grape varieties