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Scarpa Wine

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Scarpa Wine is located in Nizza Monferrato in Piedmont, Italy. The domain was founded in the mid-1850s by Antonio Scarpa, a migrant from Venice. The domain continues the work of Mario Pesce, the winemaker who made Scarpa what it is today. They use his traditional winemaking methods such as long bottle ageing and sustainable agriculture. In the vineyard, harvests are done by hand and only the best grapes find their way to the winery.  A thorough selection is done at a sorting table in the cellar. Scarpa still has Barolos dating back to 1962 and onwards which are also available for sale. They have a range of 12 different wines. They not only produce red wines but also white wines such as Timorasso which uses an ancient Piedmontese grape variety preserved from extinction.

Grape varieties

  • Nebbiolo

  • Barbera