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Domaine de Boisseyt

  • Vallée du Rhône


Domaine de Boisseyt is a very old domain; it is one of the oldest domains in Chavanay. It was first mentioned in 1343 but it was not until 1797 that the vineyard became part of the family, 6 generations succeeded one another. In 1988, Agnès and Didier Chol took over the domain for about thirty years. In 2017, they handed over the estate to Romain Decelle.   He then converted the estate to organic viticulture. The slopes of the terroirs go up to 50% which can be difficult for the winemakers to work in the vineyard. Nevertheless, to respect the tradition of the vineyard they continue to harvest by hand. The wines of the estate are made from 3 large parcels of land: Côte-Rôtie "Côte Blonde", Saint-Joseph "Les Rivoires" and Condrieu "Les Corbonnes".  Their philosophy remains the same: to produce elegant, racy, fleshy, structured, or even aromatic wines. The estate, therefore, offers authentic and exceptional wines.

Grape varieties

  • Marsanne 3%

  • Shiraz 82%

  • Viognier 9%

  • Roussanne 6%