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Ceretto was founded by Riccardo Ceretto in 1930. He started his wine business without a vineyard and produced wines from grapes he purchased. This changed when his sons, Bruno and Marcello joined the domain. For them, terroir is one of the most important aspects of wine production. In the 1960s, they began to map out the terroirs in the region that produced the best wines to purchase them. They were inspired by the Burgundian vineyards they had seen after a trip to Burgundy. The French region is where they had been producing the best wines for over a century.  The Ceretto family has also opened two restaurants in Alba, including the Piazza Duomo which has 2 Michel stars. They also built an artists’ house where exhibitions and artist performances are organised. In 2020, Marcello celebrated his 60th harvest.  Over the past 20 years, the domain has eliminated the use of insecticides and fertilizers to start using more sustainable farming methods. They received the organic certification in 2015. The grapes are harvested by hand and the wines are not aged in barrels.  Their goal is to express the terroir through their 17 legendary wines. They produce remarkable wines with long ageing potential.

Grape varieties

  • Nebbiolo