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Domaine François Lamarche

  • Bourgogne


Domaine François Lamarche has been a part of the Lamarche family for several generations and is located in one of France’s best-known winegrowing municipalities: Vosne-Romanée.  Since 1797, the family produces forty different kinds of wines on the prestigious soils of Vosne-Romanée and Clos de Vougeot including one of the rarest Grand Crus of the municipality: La Grande Rue.  The family’s ancestors were already present in Vosne-Romanée as of 1740 and have enabled the property’s growth since the end of the XIXth century. Today, Henri Lamarche’s son ensures its heritance along with the name La Grande Rue in 1933, which became a Grand Cru in 1989. François, Henri Lamarche and Aline Demur’s son, takes over the legacy in 1985 after his father’s death.  Today, Nicole Lamarche (François’s daughter) runs the viniculture part of the domain and Nathalie Lamarche runs the commercial and financial part. Their desire to switch to organic agriculture was accomplished in 2010 in order to preserve the exceptional soil. The grapes are harvested the traditional way by hand and are sorted directly at the vineyard. The domain’s teams select the grapes after a first passage on a sorting table to remove impurities and to ensure that only the best grapes are kept. Domaine François Lamarche’s wines offers a floral and delicate bouquet along with an elegance and an exceptional balance.

Grape varieties

  • Pinot Noir 97%

  • Aligoté 3%