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Domaine Leflaive

  • Bourgogne


Located at Puligny-Montrachet, Domain Leflaive dates back to the Regence period (1717) and was founded by Claude Leflaive. In 1920, and thanks to polytechnician Joseph Leflaive, the estate became one of Burgundy’s greatest wines.  After having participated in the invention of the first French submarine, Joseph makes the decision to start working in viticulture. He starts by replanting a vineyard that was destroyed during the phylloxera crisis. This replanting was a great success for the domain. His four children: Joseph, Jeanne, Anne and Vincent took over after his death in 1953. Vincent’s daughter, Anne-Claude, was eventually appointed as manager after his passing in 1993. Oenology graduate and ambitious as she is, she converts Domain Leflaive to biodynamic agriculture in 1998, a cultivating method that is based on the sensitive intelligence of natural phenomena (such as the moon’s cycle for example). She also co-founded the School of Wine and Terroirs in 2008. Brice de la Morandière is now running the domain. In an effort to have the least impact on the environment as possible, the buildings, the cellars and the vat room were modernised. A new type of caps was also introduced to enable a longer wine lifespan.  Domaine Leflaive is a strong believer in Burgundy’s traditions. So, a long and natural fermentation takes place in oak barrels. Domain Leflaive’s Chardonnay has an extraordinary quality and is known as one of the best wines of Burgundy.

Grape varieties

  • Chardonnay 100%