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Pio Cesare

  • Italie


Being a winemaker for more than a century and involving five different generations, Pio Cesare is located in the center of the town of Alba. Cesare Pio was the key founding member of the Pio Cesare winery in 1881. He was an excellent entrepreneur and was dedicated to produce a small but great quantity of wines from the hills of Barolo and Barbaresco for his customers. He had put tremendous effort to express the terroir of the Piedmont region through his wine and to produce wines of the best quality. Today, the family of Cesare Pio continues his mission to promote the vineyard to the wine lovers in the world and it owns about 171 hectares of vineyards in total with great exposures in the most highly rated regions of Piemonte and they are planted with Nebbiolo for Barolo and Nebbiolo for Barbaresco in respective regions.

Grape varieties

  • Nebbiolo

  • Chardonnay