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Champagne Pascal Agrapart

  • Champagne


Arthur Agrapart established the domain at the end of the 19th century. At the time, he claimed methods of cultivation and artisanal vinification and was already making wine as a true récoltant-manipulant (“a grower who makes and markets Champagne under their own label, from grapes exclusively sourced from their own vineyards and processed on their own premise”). Unfortunately, World War I came along and did not favor the development of the vineyard. It was his grandson, Pascal's father, who took over the management of the estate in 2010, who restored the estate in the 1950s by buying vines. Pascal joined his father in the early 1980s and from 1995 onwards introduced the parceling of his vintages. He selected 3 families of soils: a superficial clay soil, a limestone soil and a clay-limestone soil, all three being on the surface of the chalky base of the Côte des Blancs. "My father used to say to me: ‘You work your vine like a garden’. The soils here have always been worked, I did not have to reintroduce a practice with difficult conversion", explains Pascal. Today, Pascal and his son Ambroise still claim that they belong to the récoltant-manipulants.

Grape varieties

  • Chardonnay 95%

  • Pinot Noir 4%