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Domaine Yann Chave

  • Vallée du Rhône


The estate was built in 1970’s by Yann Chave’s parents with 4 hectares with a double culture: one hectare with a vineyard, three hectares with arboriculture. Years after years, the estates kept on growing keeping the same double culture philosophy. The family produces its first vintages in 1973 in the cooperative cellar from Tain. It is only in 1978 that Nicole and Bernard Chave decided t create their own cellar.  In 1996, Yann is only 26 years old and decided to move in on the vineyard part of the estate. He started to restructure the vines and worked on the soil. He then launched in 2000’s an organic culture after the poisoning from a pesticide. Today the estate of 20 hectares is in the center of the Crozes-Hermitage appellation, included 1ha20 on the mythical Hermitage hill.  “Wine is like a child. I am raising it – in the respect of what it is – with as a result that it stays straight and sincere in its life practice.” This sentence from Yann Chave symbolizes the wine vision of this estate.

Grape varieties

  • Shiraz 90%

  • Roussanne 3%

  • Marsanne 7%