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Markus Molitor

  • Allemagne


Located in Germany, Domain Markus Molitor is undoubtedly one of the best domains in the country. In 1984, 20-year-old Markus (8th generation) takes over his father’s domain. The family’s vineyards are located on 170 different parcels in a region that is notorious for its excellent Riesling: Moselle. 100 years ago, the wines of this region were the most expensive ones in the world, ahead of Bordeaux’s great wines. Domain Markus Molitor is situated on a slope going up to 80%, which makes it impossible for machines to pass through. Hence, manual labour is required at the vineyard.  Despite the risk of losing part of their harvest, this step takes place very late in the season. The goal is to leave the grapes until they have reached maximum physiological ripeness to obtain an optimal balance in the wine. The domain has an eye for detail, thus thorough selection is requested during the harvest. This process can take a lot of time, Markus explains that: “Great things take time. This is particularly true when it comes to wines that need time, no matter which vintage it is.”  The German law classifies a Riesling in the “dry” wine category, but the domain would rather concentrate on their own classification. So, a colour code is used on the bottle’s capsules: white (classic wines), green (good quality and acidic wines), and gold (fruity and noble wines). The wines have a great aromatic deepness and minerality. Thanks to Robert Parker’s score of 100/100 on their 2016 vintage, Domain Markus Molitor’s Rieslings are known throughout the world.

Grape varieties

  • Pinot Noir 3%

  • Riesling 95%

  • Pinot blanc 2%