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Domaine Albert Grivault

  • Bourgogne


A true nugget of Burgundy, Domaine Albert Grivault is located in Meursault. Its vineyard covers 5 hectares and produces mainly white wines, including the famous Clos des Perrières, a plot of 1 hectare considered unanimously as the optimal part of the best Premier Cru Meursault. The Perrières is by far the plot that gives the most power and nobility to this prestigious appellation. The wines produced here exceed mostly their status and shade to many great wines. Not to be missed! The Domaine de Meursault was acquired by Albert Grivault in 1879 after the death of the Marquis de la Roche. Today, Michel Bardet, the grandson of Albert Grivault, runs the estate.

Grape varieties

  • Pinot Noir 17%

  • Chardonnay 83%

Estate wines