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Domaine Comte Armand

  • Bourgogne


Located in the heart of Pommard appellation, the Domaine de Comte Armand has one of the most beautiful Burgundy terroirs. Its history dates back from 18th century and it played a large part into the amazing renown of this exceptional region. The estate story is linked to one man: Nicolas Marey. This character has indeed created at the end of the 18th century a 5,23 hectares in the village Pommard. This parcel with an extraordinary ill be named Clos des Epeneaux and will be surrounded by a low wall. The origin of the name is linked to a water source located under the soil. In 1826 son of the Armand family received as a dot the Clos parcels for its wedding with Nicolas Marey’s daughter. Following to an initiative ensuring the Pope protection, the Vatican appointed earl. Since 1826 the estate is stayed in the Armand family and has never Benn sold. It is expanded with vineyard purchase in Volnay and Auxey-Duresses to reach 9 hectares. The Domaine Comte Armand would have not become the star he is now without an audacious choice of its owner to replace him. In 1984, the comte Armand trust Laurent Marchand, Quebecker who brings a lot to the Clos des Epeneaux and make it improve in a fabulous way: transition to 100% bottles for sale, transition in the vineyard to organic viticulture in 1992 and development of the estate awareness. Laurent Marchand will succeed in getting the very best of this magnificent terroir and hand over with brillo to Benjamin Leroux in 1999. He will keep on completing the work and bring in the same time nice innovations and more finesse to the wines. He intend to create a significant biodiversity in the vineyard by reintegrating hives, ornemental plants and insects to find back an harmonious natural balance. The philosophy of the Domaine Comte Armand wines stands on a symbiosis between man hand and vineyard. Every detail is examined carefully and vintage after vintage quality and excellence of the wines stay the same. Paul Zinetti is today at the head of the vineyard and keeps on making Clos des Epeneaux shining. The domaine Comte Armand is well-known for the power and aromatic richness of its wines. The unique grape variety is the Pinot Noir which reigns on the estate. The wines power is perfectly combined with aromatic finesse, the soft texture gives spicy notes mixed with elegant flower aromas. This depth provides magnificent wines in the great vintages.

Grape varieties

  • Pinot Noir 90%

  • Chardonnay 10%