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Château Suduiraut

  • Bordeaux


The origins of the Château Suduiraut date back to the end of the 16th century, when Léonard Suduyraud married Nicole Allard and received this stunning estate as a dowry. Half a century later, the Château was looted and burned during the Fronde under Louis XIV. The heir Blaise de Suduiraut then revived the estate, particularly by calling on Le Nôtre, famous gardener of King Louis XIV, who designed the park which still exists today. The Château, which enjoys noble, sober and bright architecture, reflects its wine, considered as one of the best wines of Sauternes. It was also classified as a Gironde Premier Cru in 1855. Since 1992, AXA Millésimes has managed the estate, with a primary aim to preserve the prestige of the terroir of Suduiraut and to reveal all of its potential. The 92 hectares of vines are planted on a sandy-gravelly soil, where the stones capture the heat of the sun and allow the grapes to reach optimal maturity. There is perfect harmony between the different aromas. Each year, Château Suduiraut is one of the most elegant and refined Sauternes.

Grape varieties

  • Sauvignon Blanc 10%

  • Sémillon 90%