the <span>U’Wine</span> Model

The U’Wine model

«  Biome »

Biome is a French concept that describes an ecosystem able to adapt, and thrive in all circumstances; it will encounter challenges along the way, yet has the resources and ingenuity to adjust to the changing conditions and is therefore here to last. Since its inception U’Wine has been in permanent evolution, constantly adapting to better serve our customers or adjust to the market development. U’Wine thrives to embody this Biome concept.

To build a sustainable Wine Biom’Economy, humility, transparency, continuous progress, and respect for our Wine Estates and Partners are key.

Our Biome actions:

  • We create purpose by combining investment and distribution within the same ecosystem. Wine Estates, produce wines to be enjoyed, and we truly respect that. Our members buy the bottles from U’Wine at the beginning of the wine’s life cycle (i.e. as En-Primeurs (Futures)/Allocations) and will benefit from the value appreciation of the wine over time, as they gently mature. Eventually, our members can decide to have their wines delivered for personal enjoyment, pass them on to their children, or sell them through our distribution channels. When a bottle is consumed or divested, the cycle is complete and the cycle can start all over again…
  • We act as a cellar manager for our Members and deliver ready-to-drink wines for our Members to enjoy. We provide the storage space most members don’t have at home, optimize supply chain flows and reduce the overall impact on the environment. Our “connected bottles” allow our members to keep track of their cellars in real-time, while we assist them in restocking their cellar with their favourite wines.
  • Our U’Wine Protect® technology made of recycled cork chips protects the wines stored in wooden cases and allows us to eliminate the use of plastic and ensure a perfect conservation of wines. The Wooden Cases and cork chips can also be reused or recycled thereby contributing to reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We have a strong corporate culture. The well-being as well as the personal and professional development of our « U’Wine-Makers » is a priority of ours and critical in enabling us to deliver Excellence to our Members. We believe that a happy and fulfilled « U’Wine-Maker » is the key to delivering outstanding services to our customers and partners.

In 2021, U’Wine started working on a framework to be a « A mission-led Company », an ambitious project aiming at demonstrating and further working along our partners to create values for the whole wine ecosystem. We also planned to formalise a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) framework.

The best purchasing prices

Our strategy is based on purchasing the wines en primeur (as futures) directly from the Châteaux or Wine Estates, thereby guaranteeing the provenance of the wines, optimizing the purchase price, and their potential for appreciation in value over time. Members have the opportunity to visit these Wine Estates during our special events.

Full protection

Our investment products are registered and approved by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and provide investors with maximum protection: our customers are the owner of the wines in their portfolio; we perform annual audit of the stocks by KPMG, and ensure perfect storage conditions and insurance coverage of the wines at their market value.

The best performance

Our Members’ wines outperform the market** at a lower risk compared to the volatility of conventional assets. Our model constantly seeks the best possible performance based on a careful and future-focused selection, the natural increase in value of the wine over time and innovative distribution channels.

* Past performance is no indicator of future performance.
** In September 2021, the average actual performance of U’Wine customers was +7% per year compared to the Liv-Ex Fine Wine 100.

Our Services

Our motivation is to support Wine Lovers with a high level of expertise to cover their essential requirements (advice, sourcing, storage, resell options, delivery, etc…), yet we thrive to go above and beyond that, delighting our customers with seamless digital experiences through our App and connected bottles, as well as memorable tours and events related to wine.

Your U’Wine Cellar

Your U’Wine Cellar

We build a long-term relationship with our customers and assist them with the building up
and successful management of their wine cellar.

30years old

The ideal time to start your wine collection, learn about the Grands Crus, develop your taste, explore new or unusual wines, take advantage of the U’Wine technological and digital experience, and enjoy unforgettable experiences with our partners’ Wine Estates. U’Wine will ensure your wines mature in ideal conditions, while delivering to the comfort of your home the ones ready to drink. Through our App you’ll be able to track the performance of your wines, and start reselling some of them.

45years old

Continue building your wine cellar, self-finance all or part of your wine consumption by reselling wines bought 5 to 15 years before, take advantage of the U’Wine technological and digital experience, and enjoy unforgettable visits to the Wine Estates during our in-person and e-events… It’s also the ideal time to start creating an investment wine cellar for your children (we highly recommend to invest in their birth year vintages).

60years old

Open bottles bought through U’Wine 30 years before, remember your most exciting tasting experiences through the App, diversify your investments by investing in wine, educate your grandchildren when they are reaching drinking age, start handing down your investment wine cellar, take advantage of the U’Wine technological and digital experience, and enjoy unforgettable visits to the Wine Estates…

Your U’Wine Cellar

Our 3 Offers

  • offer #1The Open Cellar

    Order and taste!

    Order wines at your fingertips, we’ve got a fantastic selection of ready-to-drink wines! Order your connected bottles on the U’Wine App, have your wines stored (in Bordeaux or Shenzhen) and/or delivered worldwide to be consumed « connected », i.e., all the bottles are delivered in Wooden Cases, with U’Wine Protect cork chip technology and the bottles are tagged and connected to your App.

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  • offer #2The Investment Cellar

    Combine drinking pleasure and financial performance (wine lover/investor profile)

    Using a management mandate, you can entrust us with the selection, management, resale and delivery of your Grands Crus wines. You can enjoy the wines « connected », i.e. all the bottles are delivered in Wooden Cases with U’Wine Protect cork chip technology and the bottles are tagged and connected to your App. Information document relating to the U’WINE management mandate is registered with the French Financial Markets Authority (the AMF).

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  • offer #3The U’Wine Grands Crus
    Equity Investment

    Combine tax benefits and diversify your investment portfolio (investor profile)

    Become a shareholder in U’Wine Grands Crus through tax reduction schemes - A public offering approved by the French Financial Market Authority (AMF).

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