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One-on-one with the connected bottle

1%, U'Wine

New at U’Wine, the connected bottle with the Tag presents its assets. A one-on-one interview.

Can you describe exactly how you are “connected”?

I am not just another bottle…A classic bottle is opened and requires a complicated stock follow-up for its owner. A real headache when you consume your wine cellar quickly and have many bottles to count, don’t you think? How do you know exactly what you are drinking and remember your favourites? How do you know what you have left to drink? Anyway, many unanswered questions with no solutions! Thanks to the Tag, I am now able to answer all of these questions and bring you even more…

But the Tag, is it that strange black and gold sticker that now adorns your neck? How does it work?

This sticker is actually a NFC (contactless) chip that communicates with your phone. This chip will react when you approach your telephone with the U’Wine Application open. If you approach your phone without opening the Application, nothing will happen! What will it be used for? Simply tell your U’Wine cellar that you have opened me and that I have to be removed from the cellar’s stock. Magic, right? A simple movement, easy and quick which will allow you to “taste connected”!

But then, for all my other bottles, how do I get them to be like you, connected?

It’s easy: order your set of Tags at U’Wine to connect your entire cellar and find all your bottles in one single Application. Once you receive them, stick your Tags on your bottles (you can do this by sets of 3, 6 or 12 bottles simultaneously) and virtually add your bottles on the Application. As I am a connected bottle, I will feel less lonely being surrounded by all the other bottles in your cellar! And most importantly, you simplify the management of your cellar. At any time, you will be able to see what you have left to drink, what you have already drunk, your favourites and what you should drink quickly. Anyway, an intelligent wine cellar in one single Application, filled with connected bottles!

I better understand, what is left to do?

Go to the U’Wine App!