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New offer of U’Wine Grands Crus 2 shares


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new public offering of unlisted shares in U’WINE GRANDS CRUS 2, the first mission-led company of the U’Wine group, with a subscription period from 25 November 2021 to 30 September 2022.

“I am proud that UWGC 2 is the first mission-led company of the U’Wine group. Its North Star (“raison d’être”) is to build tomorrow’s wine world around the U’Wine project by focusing on sustainability, long-term value creation, and delivering emotions. It has set itself the objective of implementing the following commitments in the medium term:

  • – To provide a working environment that encourages the fulfilment and progress of U’Wine-Makers.
  • – To be biome (*), to protect and value each of our stakeholders with the end goal of wine consumption.
  • – To boost the promotion and marketing of vineyards that implement tangible actions to make their wines the best in 100 years while contributing to protecting our planet.”

Thomas Hébrard


U’Wine Grands Crus 2 (UWGC 2) is a Bordeaux-based wine negociant and distributor of Grands Crus. As a wine intermediary, its activity consists of selecting the “best wines” and offering them to end consumers. UWGC 2’s business model is based on “staggered sales”, which consists of buying wine en-primeurs and marketing it when it is close to its peak consumption (i.e. approximately 3/6 years after the purchase of the wines en-primeurs). UWGC 2 wishes to raise funds until 30 September 2022 to finance the purchase of the wines that will constitute its stock. UWGC 2’s stock will essentially include the 2021 en-primeurs vintage for Bordeaux wines and domain wine allocations (2018 to 2020 vintages) for wines from Burgundy, Rhône Valley, Italy, and other great terroirs.

The offer’s key points

  • – Minimum investment per investor: €10,000.
  • – Objective of converting 80% of the funds raised into purchases of Grands Crus.
  • – Tax exemption opportunities
  • – The recommended holding period for its shares is 8 years.
  • – An early withdrawal of shareholders is possible from the first day of the company’s third financial year, subject to certain conditions. However, an early withdrawal may jeopardise the tax advantage sought (see Risk related to the different valorisation of the shares under the Early Withdrawal and liquidation section).
  • – Withdrawal of stakeholders via a refund of the contribution of each shareholder and the liquidation surplus. Subject to available liquid assets, the stakeholder’s backers will be refunded for their contribution and will share 85% of the liquidation surplus in accordance with the conditions set out in the Company’s articles of association. If there are still stocks of bottles of wine on the first day of the eighth financial year (opening of the liquidation period), the shareholders will have the option of being refunded a part of the bottles under certain conditions.
  • – Performance objective: see the Summary Disclosure Document.

Investors are informed that this public offering of financial securities does not result in a prospectus subject to approval by the French financial markets authority. A summary disclosure document relating to this public offering drawn up in accordance with Annex II of AMF instruction DOC-2018-07 is available free of charge at the registered office of UWGC 2: 13 allée de Chartres, 33000 Bordeaux and on the website http://

Before making any investment decision, investors are invited to read the summary disclosure document and in particular, the risk factors described therein. The main risk factors are detailed in section II “Risks relating to the Issuer’s business and its project” and IV.3 “Risks relating to the securities offered for subscription”.

Find all the information on UWGC 2 directly on the website: